Education and Training Information

Do you think you need to acquire new skills to reach your employment goal? The North Central Career Centers are here to support your job search by assisting you with researching your options, exploring funding sources and applying for training services if you qualify. To begin, follow these six steps:

Step 1: Is training for you? Research Your Options

To begin researching your employment and training options, visit our Resources and Research page.

Step 2: Meet with an Employment Services Representative for Individual Guidance and  Conduct an Effective Job Search.

Bring your resume and job search log for review. If you believe you are not qualified for positions due to lack of specific skills, you may consider  obtaining that skill through a training program. Discuss with the Employment Service Representative your interest in acquiring skills through training.

Step 3: Explore Your Funding Possibilities

Your funding sources may include:

  • Self Funding
  • Federal Financial Aid - U.S. Dept. of Education Grants
  • Work-Study
  • Student Loans

For help, contact the North Central Career Centers' partner, Educational Opportunity Center.

Step 4: Attend an Educational Options Seminar

This seminar will give you information about finding the ideal training or education program including researching educational options, financial assistance and unemployment insurance considerations. See our Calendar/Events page for dates and time.

Step 5: Apply for Approved Training Services through:

The case managers of these organizations will help you:

  • Further establish your need for training,
  • Help you complete enrollment/eligibility application, and
  • Support you throughout your training
  • Prepare you for employment in your new career

For more information about Training Programs and Services, visit our Resources/Research page and review Training Opportunity Program data on website.

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