Welcome to the Business Services page

for the North Central Career Centers!

Events & Workshops for Employers/Businesses:

Ride of Your Life Job Fair, Sunday, August 19th

Workforce Training Fund Workshop, October 17th



For more information, please contact

Scott Percifull at: spercifull@ccncm.com




There is a job seeker looking for a position like the one you have to fill.

Hiring people with disabilities

Finding the right candidate to fill an opening can be challenging.

The North Central Career Centers can help you find qualified candidates

while saving you time and money. 

For information on any of our free employer services contact

Scott Percifull at 978-534-1481,X209


We offer a number of services for businesses including:

    • Posting of your openings to our Hot Jobs List and JobQuest
    • Pre-screening and access to large pool of applicants
    • The use of office space for onsite recruitments and interview sessions
    • Off-site job fairs
    • Veteran referrals
    • Information on training incentive programs for new & existing employees
    • Access to the Workforce Training Fund and similar grants
    • Labor market information
    • Federal and state financial incentives
    • Downsizing information through on site Rapid Response services. The Rapid Response program helps Employers and Employees who are in transition mode, whether they are expanding or downsizing.

The Career Center works closely with our partners, local businesses and the regional workforce investment board (WIB) to ensure that our services and activities meet your needs and the needs of this region.

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